About us

Dear visitor, we welcome you to our website. Portal Pressa.ru designed to let you read your favorite publications online. With the convenient search engine, you can pick up a newspaper, magazines, catalogues, guides and other publications, and then download them to your computer or read online. Also you can subscribe to future publications or just familiarize yourself with announcements of the selected media.
If a subscription or online version is not yet available, you can request us, and we will add your favorite magazine to our electronic library. Then we will inform you about the availability of this publication in our database.
But most importantly, you do not have to change your habits developed while reading traditional newspapers and magazines. As before, you can turn the pages, make notes and keep the magazine in expanded form in order to further continue reading from the same page. Our readers also have access to complete electronic archives per year or more of the most popular titles. With Pressa.ru you no longer need to store previously read newspapers and magazines, cluttering up your living space. In order to find the desired article, simply enter keywords in the search form!
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